Levy county fair association


The LCFA is made up of a group of volunteer board members. 

The 2017-2018 Executive board, pictured left to right

Sam Cuomo, Vice President
Thomas Wolfe, Sr. Vice President
Amanda Havard, President
Jodie Chaffee, Treasurer
Terrie Havard, Secretary

Directors: Debra Jones, Caela Cuomo, James Batts, Gail Havard, Eric Chaffee, Bob Uhlar, Angela Norton

Ex-Officio UF Extension Office, Genevieve Mendoza

Ex-Officio Levy County Board of County Commissioners, Matt Brooks


Our Mission

The Levy County Fair Association's goal is to facilitate a yearly full county fair experience in Levy County, that is purposed to: educate, stimulate, challenge, and entertain fair-goers of all ages. In addition, it is the goal of the association to preserve and enhance the rich heritage of our agriculture community by inviting the community and visitors to attend and participate in a quality county fair experience whereby agriculture, livestock , and equestrian events are key components of the fair. The Levy County Fair has been approved by the State of Florida as an official county fair event. The fair association is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of Florida that is fully committed to serving our community in a positive manner.